'A Light in the Shadows'

A Feature Documentary

"A Light in the Shadows" will utilize creative directing and editing techniques, creating an original, artful, and entertaining product that will both enlighten and captivate it's viewers. Based on the principle that all life is art, and from all art we can learn, this film presents multiple themes and/or morals of the story.  Beyond the obvious, there are many lessons to be shown.  The graceful and wise way that Ellie is being raised is an example to us all, parents or children, sick or well. Knowing when to hold on and when to let go is a difficult human task regardless of the subject matter. The relationship between Ellie and her mother Beth is both endearing and inspiring, and the lengths in which a mother is willing to go to help her child is told so poignantly in this case.  The film will spread awareness that Wolfram Syndrome and other orphan diseases still exist, at a time when there is a false security in medicine.  It is still possible to receive a terminal diagnosis without hope for treatment or a cure.  Philosophically, what does one do with a situation like this?  Is it true that everything happens for a reason? 
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